Attention All Former Divinity Members:

The website recently was removed due to an unfortunate sequence of spam/reporting/events, of which I had no control. I've decided it would take more effort to create a new forum in which people would have to re-register, and I'd have to get in touch with people I don't have contact info for.

So I'm inviting you all to register on my more active domain, which is It's not the same as we had before, but I can make a chat section there that we can use just like before. If you're interested please sign up under a name I'll recognize, or DM me on Twitter, @Scarlinger.

None of the information is recoverable, unfortunatly. My host attempted a backup but it was currupt. If you find it's too much hassle, just know that I appreciate every one of you, I'll miss you, and I'll never forget the fun we had on RO together as Divinity.


Also note, Wildstar is going F2P in the Fall, and the remaining active members of the guild who came with me to other games are still there. We'd love for you to come join us there.

-Crys aka MAS aka Scarling